archCalc for Mac OS X 1.9.4 B251 251

archCalc for Mac OS X 1.9.4 B251 251



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Date Added:10 May, 2013

Author: CAST software

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archCalc is a science calculator with decimal and fraction calculations. It allows one to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and easily solve for a leg or slope of a right tiangle.

archCalc works as a standalone calculator or in conjunction with other programs, calculating stair risers in CAD software, or aiding in takeoffs with a spreadsheet. archCalc floats above applications allowing one to work with it as if it were a part of the active application.


archCalc supports the following input/units:
TE 55 1/2"or 55.5"
TE 100 1/2' or 100.5'
Foot Inch:
TE 20' 6 1/2" or 20'6 1/2
TE 20.5y or 20 1/2y
TE 5.5e or 5 1/2e
TE 35.5m or 35 1/2m
TE 13.25c or 13 1/4c
TE 25.125M or 25 1/8M
TE 7.5k or 7 1/2k

Systems: Mac OS X

Tags: decimal calculator   Fraction Calculator   science calculator   calculator   calculation   fraction  

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